3 Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Tiles

Here are three top tips for ensuring you choose the perfect bathroom tiles, whatever your style, budget or the size of the bathroom you are intending to retile.

  1. Take Inspiration from Your Own Home

It is a strange reality that in many UK homes bathrooms tend to be designed separately to the rest of the house. That is, whilst a family might love and aim to express their love of all things, for example, Scandinavian or Victorian within the rest of their home it is not uncommon for them, when choosing a bathroom suite, to swing the opposite way and either opt for a quirky retro design or ultra modern one.

Perhaps this phenomenon is due to the fact that bathrooms, unlike the other rooms within the home are fitted and as such the trends that dominate bathroom designs do not always marry with what is at the same time trending when it comes more generally to matter of interior design.On the other hand, perhaps it is simply a matter of the fact that bathrooms are rooms we often shut off from the rest of the house and spend less time thinking about or decorating, either because thinking of toileting matters is unpleasant or because the bathroom is a place many of us retreat to usually alone and to unwind. Whatever the case may be, it is none the less important to avoid falling into the trap of opting for a bathroom suite and tiles that clash with the rest of your home.


To achieve this, take inspiration from your home rather than from too many outside sources. Whatever style, period or aesthetic your home champions, this needn’t necessarily determine or reduce your options either. Rather, when approached with a keen eye and clear picture of the look or feel you want to create, it should help you to get it right.

Then, only second to identifying and considering the style of your home, is it worth seeing which ideas featured on a bathroom style guide such as the guide featured on the Houzz Home Design website might clash or compliment before deciding on one design and / or choice of tile over another. This is especially true and worth taking the time to explore when considering the reality that you are likely to need to pick up to three separate tiles with which to overhaul your bathroom, as mixing and matching can all too quickly turn a seemingly fun project into an overwhelm one.

  1. Familiarize Yourself with the Tile Choices Available to You in 2016

Bathrooms and kitchens are the two rooms within a home that are likely to be revamped the least frequently. This is of course due to the fact that overhauling a kitchen or bathroom involves calling in the experts and ripping out fitments and fixtures. Suffice to say, re-doing a bathroom causes a lot of upheaval as well as stands to cost a fair amount of money too.

For this reason it is also extremely important to get it right when choosing tiles; after all, tiles cannot be stripped off and replaced like, for example, wallpaper that your decide you do not like after all or simply tire of.

Fortunately, these days the internet makes discovering what is out there super fast and super easy. Not too long ago about the only choices a person looking for new bathroom tiles had was which high street shop or showroom to pick. Now, a person can browse for hours from the comfort of their own home and without the pressure of sales people breathing down their necks.

Hence, it is worth beginning your tile search on the internet via UK based suppliers such as Tile Yard Sale Online to discover what there is to choose from and provide yourself with as much choice as possible. Subsequently, you can tailor and narrow you search to leave you with the perfect choice of tiles according to style and budget.

  1. Set a Budget Ahead of Shopping

Speaking of budget, it is of the utmost importance to set one. It is equally important to subsequently stick to it.

Rather than denying you choice and taking the fun out of shopping for new bathroom tiles, look at your budget as a sensible and savvy means of tailoring your search that provides you with the freedom to pick any tile or combination of tiles within your range, without worrying about the affording them.

Further, to help you set a budget that is realistic and so can be stuck to and structure rather than hamper your search, a good way to begin is by at least roughly estimating the amount of tiles you might need. This is an onerous task and can be complicated by the fact that different tiles come in different sizes. That said, the style of your home and size of your bathroom should provide you with the answer as to what size range of tile to shop to which in turn will then make calculating the amount of tiles you need far more do-able, especially if you defer the sums to an online tile calculator such as the free-to-use one featured on the Calculator.net website.

More Advice and Further Tips

Meanwhile, for those struggling to narrow their search even after observing the three top tips provided here, a great place to find extra tips and help is via the Hey There Home website where you can find 5 (more) Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tile.