Home Warranty Plans- Features and Limitations

Homebuyers, who search for the best level of protection and the best deals, mostly opt for the warranty, which covers all the costs related to the purchase of a new home. Mostly designed for the first time buyers, the home warranty plans cover all the costs, which the homeowners may incur after purchasing the home, which they can’t pay on their own.

The home warranty plans mainly cover all the features of homes, which the insurance plans don’t. While a person purchases a plot of land and pays the construction company, the company offers a warranty on the provided services. This way, the home warranty plans are meant to protect the homeowners from all the structural issues and other types of issues, which may arise from one year up to the period of 10 years and more. People, who are purchasing homes from real estate agents or previous owners, may not get the same protection, but still there are companies, which offer home warranties on the existing home.

People, who purchase the home warranty plan, find that this covers the issues that are not found during the process of home inspection. It doesn’t only cover roofing problems and structural damage, but this can also cover the cost of appliances, which new buyers purchased from the existing sellers. This mainly covers the furnace, HVAC system and other things, which are available within the home. The new homeowners will agree to pay a certain amount for protection and the warranty company will agree to pay for all the repairs. But this never means that the warranty covers all the costs of repairing or replacing some appliances or systems in the home. In fact, these plans pay just a large portion of the cost.

The basic home warranty plans cover a complete range of items including different types of built in appliances, the plumbing and electrical systems and the exhaust systems. But there is some home warranty limits. These plans don’t cover automatic garage door systems, garage door openers and air conditioners. Homeowners can purchase extended home warranty coverage, which can therefore pay for the damage and repair to all these items. The majority of the warranty companies also offer multiple level of coverage and multiple policies. The majority of the people also add some additional coverage, which protect all the items, which are generally not covered by these programs including swimming pools, home spas, central vacuuming systems and well.