The Best Ways to Create An Outdoor Oasis

Whether it’s your front yard or back yard, the exterior of your house says a lot about you as a person. Especially if you’re looking to sell off the property in the near future. Having a beautiful exterior can also encourage you to spend more time outside in your yard, which has many health benefits. Nothing is quite like fresh air, right?

But what can you do to truly make your yard pop? The simple answer is using a hardscape to create a perfect, lasting, design. If you aren’t clear on what a hardscape is, it refers to the creation of marble or tiled walkways.  It is the hard surface you would build in place of grass, often used to create a walk-way into your beautiful yard.

There are many ways you can truly create an outdoor oasis by using a hardscape. If you want to place a gazebo in the back yard, for instance. A beautiful walk-way into the gazebo will be both aesthetically pleasing, while helping to reduce dirt. A nice hardscape pathway is helpful for leading from the patio, as well.

So, what are some of the options you can look into when building a hardscape into your new oasis?

  1. Travertine Paving Rocks

The travertine paving rocks are a great addition to any yard. They are often sold in a kit that comes with various sized tiles. This allows you to place them down in a fun and intricate pattern. You can place them at random, or build your own design. It’s entirely customizable, only limited to the space you have available. These paving rocks come most frequently in a beige tone. This is ideal for building the hardscape in your new oasis.

  1. Cobblestone

Nothing says elegance quite like a cobblestone walkway in your yard! This is the perfect addition to any yard that might be inspired by Greek or Italian style. Cobblestone is quite common in neutral tones, but there are other colors available that might spark your creativity or add to your overall design. You’re bound to be the subject of any conversation in your neighborhood with such an elegant selection for your hardscape.

  1. Slate Tiles

These tiles are a must-have for a walk way that speaks of style and simplicity. Similar to the travertine paving rocks, these tiles are most commonly sold in kits. The tile kits will come with different shapes, allowing the same basic customization. However, with the slate tile kits, it’s common to see different colors in the kit as well. The tiles maintain a particular color, while stretching the scale of shades for that color. Slate tiles are a great way to add a dash of complexity to your yard.

  1. Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain pavers are a great addition to every yard. This style looks similar to marble, creating the most elegant appearance in your outdoor oasis. You can always use porcelain pavers alongside tiles or rocks. They make an excellent accent to any yard. You can also forget the tiles and rocks and simply build your walk way out of porcelain pavers. The marble-like appearance is bound to draw attention wherever you place it. This style will make a much bigger impression on anyone who sees your new hardscape.

Creating an outdoor oasis isn’t as difficult as you might think! Most tiles come in kits, allowing you the option to build something unique to your look. All you need is a flare for style and you’re set to create the best outdoor oasis!