What is Fire Glass and How Does it Work?

What an Atmosphere!

What is Fire Glass?

Essentially fire glass comprises of tiny pieces of tumbled and polished tempered glass – thus safeguarding against injury when handling, and is predominantly used in fire pits and fireplaces. Whilst its application is relatively a new introduction to interior design, it provides the homeowner or designer with a clean and versatile method of not only providing heat radiation; but also, setting the ambiance and mood. Traditionally in latter years’ gas logs and dancing flames were used to transform the room and create an inviting atmosphere, yet ostensibly this is rather old hat these days and glass is by far a more sustainable and pleasant alternative.

Not only is fire glass adept at meeting both the functional aspects associated with heat radiation – such as being capable of withstanding high temperatures without burning, melting or discolouration; but adds ambiance and vibrancy to a room and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye being available in a variety of colours and sizes. Moreover, unlike traditional methods, there are no toxic fumes, smoke, ash, or soot produced.

Unsightly gas jets for instance can quite feasibly and easily be decoratively covered up with crystals and pebbles that besides looking amazing, will radiate heat fourfold than would otherwise be produced with say artificial logs. Due to its reflective surface this allows the glass to constantly radiate heat, and because there is no impedance it will produce more heat and work far more efficiently than traditional gas logs.

Furthermore, with virtually little if any maintenance fire glass will not discolour, melt or burn, therefore there is no ash and soot produce commonly found with traditional decorative methods. Being glass it is susceptible to breakage but if handled with care then there should not be an issue. The only real maintenance required is the occasional clean, which comprises of scooping out the glass and cleaning with warm water and washing up liquid.

And finally, because fire glass is readily available in shapes and colours that are pleasing to the eye, as well as being efficient, its use provides a focal point for the room. Conversely, when used outdoors in fire pits with either propane or natural gas for example, the translucent quality of the fire glass when combined with the dancing rising flames creates a spectacular atmospheric effect especially if the glass is also coloured.

How is fire glass produced?

The production of fire glass is largely tempered glass which can be found in safety glass applications like fire doors or shower cubicles for instance. Moreover, to increase its sustainability it is often recycled glass making it an ideal and attractive by-product.

Regular untreated glass is not suitable at all and cannot be used in the same way, it must be the tempered variety. Using regular un-tempered glass is likely to result in noxious fumes being expended and susceptible to it possibly exploding.

Rather than risking the aforesaid and possible ensuing injury, the correct variety should be procured. As stated above fire glass is tumbled to remove sharp edges and prevent injury from shards, and then subsequently washed making it sparkle. It is not that much more expensive, will last a long time, and often fire glass is available is shapes and colours or even crystals which resemble and simulate the appearance of diamonds or alternate distinctive cut stones.


In summary therefore the use of fire glass offers the purchaser a number of advantages which should be borne in mind over and above the use of artificial logs; these include:

• Health – Respiratory problems are all too commonplace with wood burnt in fireplaces and the emission of smoke. Not so with fire glass you can still create a wonderful cosy atmosphere without risking your health or the environment.
• Cleanliness – Fire glass does not spoil or tarnish in any way, it only requires the occasional clean which you can do yourself. No special cleaning equipment is required.
• Low cost – Relatively inexpensive and lasts a lifetime
• Lit for long periods – No discolouration and can be used over and over again.
• Radiates heat – Fire glass expends heat of up to 3 or 4 times that of traditional methods.
• Various options – Available in a variety of shapes and colours.
• Adds panache to a room – Provides a focal point for both you, your family and your guests.

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